#1 - Dreams come true
#2 - a true friend is on who gives you the freedom to be yourself (GDYB)
#3 - live each day like it’s your last (G-Dragon)
#4 - if you believe in yourself , you can accomplish anything (TOP)
#5 - Anyone who is not making mistakes , is no trying hard enough for their dreams (Daesung)
#6 - life has not been done to understand it , but to live it. (Seungri)
#7 - Think all that you have and not on what you lack (Taeyang)
#8 - is hard to fail at something , but it’s much worse not trying
#9 - be yourself
#10 - Music has no language.

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from Spirited Away

An Awkward Bingu Goes To School

Tabi secretly taking small bites of the Alive Tour cake

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TOP: 하나부터 열까지 모든 게 다 한 수위, 모래 벌판 위를 미친 듯이 뛰어봐도 거뜬한 우리
Me: gabjkgoasglamsjbsa HAN SOO WIN, mvnsjugpaughsoagsnffk HAN WU RIN